Welcome to the Heritage Folk Blog!

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Welcome to our new website where we'll entertain thoughts on exploring our heritage through crafts. This web stuff is a huge learning curve for me because I'm really much more comfortable with some glue, scissors, fabric and paint! However, I will say there is some creativity involved in all this, too, and it's been fun to think of the possibilities available to us now.

My mother and I love history and especially love interpreting that into clothespin dolls, of all things?!. I suppose we've always both loved dolls, and especially miniature ones. Clothespin dolls are such a nice little size, and can be made easily if you like and much more complicated if you want something special.They are also the perfect craft for kids as supplies are inexpensive, you can complete a doll in a short session, and you can even learn a little history along the way. We even have a little Clothespin Museum and Craft Shop at Knappton Cove (where the other museum is located www.knapptoncoveheritagecenter.org) and we hope you'll visit if you're in the area.

I'll be writing about things that inspire our designs, whether it's a trip to a local museum, an interesting book, something we see on the internet, one of our 'road trips,' or who knows what! So, come along for the journey.