Kachina Dolls with Clothespins

Clothespin Kachinas from the Hopi Culture

Explore the Hopi Culture with 32 great Kachina projects....complete with legends. Projects include Eagle, Sun, Ogre Woman, Snow, Broad-faced, Hano Clown or Glutten, Silent Warrior, Bear, Chasing Star, Cold Bringing Woman, Crow Mother, Crow, Kokole Chief, Runner, Zuni Cloud Person, Yellow Corn Girl, Antelope, Making Thunder, Yellow Ahote, Solstice, Zuni Rain Priest of the North, Badger, Navajo Clown, Earning Morning Singer, Cricket, Kachina Chief, Assasin Fly, Mudhead (Clown), Corn Dancer, Rabbit, Sunflower, & Small Bear Kachinas. Soft cover, 23 pages, full color images of all designs.
Eagle Kachina Doll
Kachina Dolls with Clothespins Cover