June is Immigrant Heritage Month!

June is Immigrant Heritage Month!

It seems our world is just aching these days for peace and understanding. The recent events of 2020 have truly highlighted how much we need to work together. At Heritage Folk, we've enjoyed making dolls of all colors that tell stories from around the world. What a colorful world we live in! I discovered that for the past few years there has been a national effort to celebrate immigrants and share inspirational stories of immigration in America. Immigration is part of the DNA of this great nation. There is currently a bill in the U.S. Congress to recognize the month of June as "Immigrant Heritage Month," a celebration of the accomplishments and contributions immigrants and their children have made in shaping the history, strengthening the economy, and enriching the culture of the United States. What a great opportunity to explore your own heritage along with celebrating the shared diversity that makes up the American story. You can read the new statement from the "I Stand With Immigrants" Initiative and find easy ways to share your immigrant stories here. You are encouraged to write your story, take a picture and share it digitally on social media with the hashtag #celebrateimmigrants.

Mom and I have always collected dolls from afar, so naturally many of our designs come from around the world. Why not make a clothespin doll reflecting your own heritage in this month celebrating immigrants. It's fun to look at old family photos and put together a design from what you see in the pictures. Or you can do a google search to find traditional clothes from any country. The ideas are limitless!  If you need more inspiration, the patterns for over 20 International clothespin dolls can be found in our book, It's a Small World.

We are certainly feeling our connection with our brothers and sisters around the globe these days. Here at Heritage Folk, we hope you are finding time to reflect on your immigrant story. If you make a clothespin doll of your own, we'd love to see a picture!

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