Not Without Joy!

Not Without Joy!

It’s Holy Week and with a husband who’s a minister, it’s a busy weekend! I’ve got hot cross buns rising and bunnies all about. And, Spring is in the air!

I’ve been reading the book Moloka’i by Alan Brennert and have been so touched by the ’sisters’ caring for the orphan girls in the leper colony. It’s a fascinating read into a historical time and place. It reminded me of the clothespin nun that Mom designed. She was inspired by a homespun line of greeting cards from the 1980's that portrayed ‘Sister Agatha’ in all manor of joyous activities. We've named our doll, Sister Mary Martha.

My daughter’s kindergarten teacher had ‘Not without joy!’ printed above the entryway to the classroom. I just loved that. What a great attitude. Take a moment to think about those who have brought joy to your life in this special season.

f you would like to make your own doll using our pattern, you can purchase a digital downloadable file for only 1.99. Here I've put Sister Mary Martha (and you can see her jaunty striped socks!) with one of the cards that inspired her design in a shadowbox with a photo of our daughter's first steps--a true moment of joy!

Happy Easter!

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