School Spirit!

School Spirit!

With Thanksgiving behind us, why not kick up your feet and watch some school sports? And, while you're at it, you could make some clothespin dolls to give away during the holidays for tree ornaments or gift toppers! It's the perfect time to be inspired by your school's mascot. I will say, although we've made several basketball and football players in orange and black for the Oregon State beavers, we've never actually made 'Benny' Beaver. Now that I'm living in Virginia, though, I think that may change. This year I worked on the 'Cav Man,' University of Virginia's Cavalier mascot. I had fun looking through the different historical iterations of the guy and came up with a design. The newest costume features a very buff fellow, so the chenille pipe cleaners were perfect for his beefy arms. He's famous for charging onto the football field, on horseback of course! Like any school mascot there are certain requirements to performing this duty which you can read about here. I hadn't realized just how demanding it was. I have a whole new respect for this job. And, now that I've made a Cav Man (GO HOOS!), I really have to design a 'Benny'. GO BEAVS! You gotta be true to your school.

If you'd like to make a basketball or soccer player, you can find patterns for them in Things Kids Can Make. If you'd like to make the football player, please email us for a free PDF pattern. They are all very easy and kids love to make them with their school colors and special number on the jersey. You might come up with your own designs for cheerleaders, flag squad, and marching band! They make great personalized gifts.

Today, it's GO BEAVS!!!!!!

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