Peace for Ukraine--Make a Sunflower Fairy!

Peace for Ukraine--Make a Sunflower Fairy!

Posted on January 12th, 2023

With the war in Ukraine pressing on, I thought it was time to highlight our Sunflower Fairy. She brings a bit of cheer to anyone she meets. Sunflowers face the sun, following it from the eastern sky in the early morning to the western horizon at sunset. What a good example they provide by setting their sights on the light. 

Our fairy is easy to make, being one of the simpler designs, appealing to both children and adults. Her kit includes a sunflower fabric and everything else you need to put together this cheery darling except glue and pens (for face). She makes a delightful gift with one of your favorite sunflower seed recipes (cookies, granola, muffins, etc...) Spread a little cheer and say a prayer for peace in Ukraine.

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