The Small Family Celebrates Father's Day!

The Small Family Celebrates Father's Day!

Posted on January 12th, 2023

Mom designed the Small Family sometime while we were a young family, and I can't help recognizing our own little family in these dolls. It's definitely a snapshot of what we looked like in the 1970's. Now, admittedly, my Mother didn't go around in long dresses very often, but she did dress up for special nights out. While my Mother managed family affairs at home, my Father had the corporate job downtown and most certainly had a brown suit/tie combo. I am the older sister and was taller than my little brother Paul until the 80's when he grew up and up and up. Back in the 70's I remember the OshKosh overalls he wore everyday. 

Although I've placed The Small Family on Gearhart beach in Oregon where we still have a beach house, really Paul is the only one dressed appropriately for the setting. The rest of us look like we're ready for church! But, on Father's Day, it's time to hit the beach. My Dad ran a race on that beach, dug for clams on that beach, built fires on that beach, and set our family up for great 4th of July fireworks viewing there. Thanks for the memories, Dad! He and Mom retired there too, just a couple blocks away from this scene. At 93 he calls this home.

You could make your own family with just a few clothespins and bottles of paint. Give it a try and include your pets too. Stay tuned for more adventures of The Small Family. I hear they're planning a trip to Small State Park this summer!

Happy Father's Day!

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